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Main industries

Selective Laser Melting is the winning technology to produce lightweight components with the highest strength / weight ratio and high performing metal alloys.
The opportunity to make a cast component in a few hours, without the need for investments in molds or dedicated equipment, makes the SLM technology appreciated by all the main industries to produce both functional prototypes and definitive components.

Aerospace & Defence

  • jet engine components
  • electronic system boxes
  • optical support components
  • propeller hub
  • lightweight structures with thin walls

Medical / Dental

  • prosthesis for orthopedic implants
  • bridges, screws, prostheses and surgical instruments for dentistry and orthodontics

Racing, Concept Car, High-end Automotive

  • components for exhaust systems
  • aerodynamic parts
  • cooling ducts
  • heat sink, honeycomb structure cooler
  • pump systems
  • connectors
  • high pressure pipes
  • fittings, flanges, levers
  • pedals

Motorbike & Bike

  • brake system parts
  • components for the exhaust system
  • heat sink and cooler
  • special pistons
  • brake levers
  • pedals
  • seatposts
  • lightweight handlebars

Energy & Machinery Construction

  • liquid cooled fan blades
  • microturbines
  • heatsink and cooler
  • propeller, airscrew
  • gears
  • pipes and fittings
  • grippers
  • tooling