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Category: Materials

July 24 2020

What you can and cannot do with additive manufacturing in Formula 1 – Author: Davide Sher, Founder & CEO at 3dpbm

Motorsports, and Formula 1 in particular, is considered one of the driving segments for AM adoption. But one thing is the ability to rapidly produce lighter AM car parts and an entirely different thing, especially in F1, is the ability to actually use them. That’s because the regulations for additive manufacturing in Formula 1 are […]

November 12 2019

We have successfully implemented Scalmalloy, ductile as titanium, light as aluminium

Materials engineers perfectly know the potential of scandium as an alloying ingredient in aluminium alloys. At the end of the 50s, Soviet scientists developed the first scandium-containing alloys, aeronautic engineers learned what scandium could do to aluminium and implemented it on MiG-21 jet fighters, the most-produced supersonic jet aircraft in aviation history, and subsequently on […]

June 16 2019

Scalmalloy is too expensive and design optimisation only makes sense in aerospace. True or false?

Additive Manufacturing is not a cheap production process. The software, machine time, materials and expertise required to make the most of the technology all come at a significant cost. The resulting financial pressures may give rise to the temptation to select a material on its price and view advanced topology optimisation as a luxury. As […]

September 02 2018

An introduction to metal powders for AM Manufacturing processes and properties

As the AM industry grows, so does the number of metal powder suppliers and the range of different powder types that are available. In the following article Toby Tingskog presents a beginners’ guide to understanding metal powders for AM. Topics include powder manufacturing processes, sphericity, chemistry and measurement technologies, as well as considerations in relation […]

August 20 2018

Medtronic launches platform for Additive Manufacturing of complex titanium spinal implants

Medtronic plc, Dublin, Ireland, has launched a titanium Additive Manufacturing platform which it states enables more complex designs and integrated surface technologies for spinal surgical implants. The announcement was made during the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The new platform, titled TiONICTM Technology, is an Additive Manufacturing […]

May 22 2018

Sauber Motorsport AG and Additive Industries: Formula 1 engineering meets metal AM

As the new Formula 1 season gets underway, Additive Manufacturing will have played a vital role in the development and manufacture of the cars on track. Metal AM magazine’s Nick Williams recently visited Sauber Motorsport AG at its headquarters near Zürich, Switzerland, and discovered how a partnership with Dutch AM technology supplier Additive Industries has […]

December 18 2017

Combining Metal AM and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP): application and process innovations

A technical session at the Euro PM2017 conference, held in Milan, Italy, October 1-5, 2017, investigated three different concepts in processes that combine metal Additive Manufacturing with Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). In the following report, Dr David Whittaker reviews three papers that consider the use of SLM for the manufacture of HIP capsules, HIP as […]