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Stainless hot-work steel

Range of application

Hard stainless steel with high chrome content. This material is used for production of mould components for high volume injection moulding. Furthermore, the material can also be used for production of stainless functional components with high loads, as well as medical or chirurgical instruments.


Technical data after recommended heat treatment

1 Tensile test at 20°C according to DIN EN 50125
2 By using a special heat treatment a higher elongation can be achieved.
3 Specification according to the material manufacturer’s data sheet.
4 Hardness test according to DIN EN ISO 6508
Yield Point Re 1 approx. 1.600 N/mm2
Tensile Strength Rm 1 approx. 1.700 N/mm2
Elongation A 1,2 > 2 %
Young's modulus 3 approx. 200 · 103 N/mm2
Thermal conductivity λ3 approx. 18 Wm/k
Hardness 4 48 -50 HRC

Heat treatment

Heat up with 100 °C/h to 530 °C. Maintain temperature for 4 hours. Allow the components to cool down in the oven with 100 °C/h.

Chemical Composition


Fe Balance
C   ≤0,03
Si  0,3
Mn         0,3
Cr  12
Ni  9,2
Mo 1,4
Al  1,6