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Giugno 08 2016

Concept Laser on automating the Factory of Tomorrow at RAPID 2016

Following a record-breaking year in 2015 which saw machine orders grow by a huge 46%, metal 3D printer manufacturer,  Concept Laser showcased its vision for the Factory of Tomorrow and M2 additive manufacturing platform at RAPID 2016 in Orlando.

TCT spoke to John Murray, President and CEO at Concept Laser about the key drivers behind the growth of the metal 3D printing industry and how the company is shifting its focus towards automation with its Factory of Tomorrow platform. This radical new approach to manufacturing is designed to get people out of the process and will go into beta testing later this year with production set to commence in 2017.

John explained: “We’re getting humans out of that entire cycle and this is all going to be done with autonomous vehicles, with robots and really allowing companies to scale up big time to get into hundreds of systems in an architecture and that’s the foundation of the Factory of Tomorrow.”