We strive to solve our customers’ challenges through the continuous improvement of our processes, sharing knowledge to ensure the highest quality standards and broaden the adoption of Additive Manufacturing.

Our mission

We want to talk to our customers. We want to understand their unique challenges and needs to help them get the most out of our awesome technology.

By sharing our in-depth knowledge of Selective Laser Melting, we want to guide our customers from the initial design stages up to the final delivery of their parts, establishing a long-lasting trustful relationship. Part quality is therefore to a great extent a result of good design practices that we want all of our customers to embrace. At ADDITIVA, we are committed to the highest quality standards as well as continuous improvement. Furthermore, we are always investigating new and emerging technologies that can enhance our production processes.

Component optimisation is key at ADDITIVA.

Usually, this service is free of charge as our commitment to supporting our customers through the complete process, from RFQ to Delivery. Communication, transparency along with NDAs in place ensures the right working practices for ADDITIVA to be your preferred SLM partners. Our customers range from automotive OEMs, Formula 1 teams, advanced engineering companies to smaller engineering firms.

So, why chose ADDITIVA? With our extensive understanding of the metal 3d printing and Design For Additive Manufacturing (DFAM), we are able to deliver a fully integrated additive and subtractive manufacturing process, enabling a reduction in lead time and overall costs, whilst providing a valued customer experience.

Our process

Step by step, from designing to manufacturing and testing.

Our quality

Quality is more than conformance to requirements.