At ADDITIVA, quality means delivering what is promised: excellence, reliability, repeatability.

Our quality

Quality does not only mean compliance with the technical drawing tolerances. For us, quality also means compliance with delivery times, process repeatability, continuous improvement.

Quality is a daily challenge and requires an in-depth knowledge of processes. Key for ADDITIVA is to deliver the right quality, integrating a corresponding understanding into the overall manufacturing workflow, involving human resources, methods, materials, machines.

Once components are fully processed, in-house we can perform a variety of checks to measure and ensure their accuracy and robustness. Techniques can range from simple gauge measurements to more sophisticated and accurate methods such as 3D blue light scanning and measuring by CMM. These methods come with varying degrees of complexity, time and cost demands, and should be chosen based on quality requirements.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) such as 3D scanning, x-ray inspection, computed tomography (CT) scanning, dye-penetrant testing, air pressure testing can be performed at various stages of the manufacturing process to detect internal cracks, voids, porosities or possible trapped powder.


Destructive testing of specimens and analysis of tensile bars, powder chemistry, material microstructure and more also may be needed to gather data to help with process qualification and ultimately part certification.

Along with your parts, in the same laser melting cycle, with the same laser parameters and powder batch, we regularly build specimens for tensile testing to check the mechanical properties of your components. This ensures that mechanical properties are accurate and repeatable.

ADDITIVA is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 for its quality assurance system.

Our mission

We specialise in metal additive manufacturing.

Our process

Step by step, from designing to manufacturing and testing.