Additive Manufacturing is mostly used for prototyping functional components and assemblies in concept cars development, sometimes up to limited series production.

The Automotive industry was one of the pioneers of 3D printing. For automakers, the technology offers faster, more cost-effective product development cycles and end products that are strong and lightweight. So far, automotive companies have primarily used 3D Printing for pre-production tasks. As consumers demand more digitally connected and environmentally-friendly vehicles, the technology has allowed automakers to design, test, and validate new concepts faster than ever before. Automotive companies are increasingly using 3D printing for manufacturing of spare parts, speeding up time to market.

Heat exchangers, electric motors and battery cooling, engine cooling, waste heat recovery as well as exhaust systems, oil and fuel nozzles, high-pressure pipes, manifolds, pump system parts, fittings, flanges, connectors, hinges, door handles, covers, brake system parts and various types of lightweight structures are just some of the applications we have manufactured for the Automotive industry.

Our engineers can cooperate alongside your design experts to achieve the best results from additive manufacturing.