Inconel 625

INCONEL® Nickel-Chromium alloy 625 is used for its high tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strength, excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Service temperatures range from -196°C to 1.000°C (-321°÷1832°F). The strength of INCONEL alloy 625 is derived from the stiffening effect of molybdenum and niobium on its nickel-chromium matrix; thus, precipitation hardening treatment is not required. This combination of elements enables a superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments of unusual severity as well as to high-temperature effects such as oxidation and carburisation. INCONEL alloy 625 is an excellent choice for marine applications (submarine propulsion motors, exhaust ducts, submarine transducer controls), aerospace applications (aircraft ducting systems, gas turbine parts, engine exhaust systems, honeycomb structures, fuel and hydraulic line tubing), motorsport applications (exhaust systems). Parts can be machined, welded, shot-peened, polished and coated.