Maraging Steel 1.2709

Maraging 300 is an age hardenable Iron-Nickel steel. It has exceptional strength and toughness, and thanks to specific heat treatment can achieve excellent hardness (up to 54 HRC).

Most high-strength steels have low toughness; the higher their strength, the lower their toughness. The rare combination of high strength and toughness of maraging steel makes it well suited for safety-critical aircraft structures that require high strength. Maraging 300 is used for transmission shafts, rocket motors and missiles cases, light aircraft landing gear and motorsport components. Another typical application refers to tools such as cores and inserts for die casting and injection moulding. It’s ideal for functional metal prototypes, small series products, custom products or spare parts with high tensile strength. Parts can be machined, welded, shot-peened, polished and coated.