From design to manufacturing, we collaborate with customers to get the most out of our technologies, integrating both additive and subtractive manufacturing, whilst leveraging the benefits of each.


The key to success for any Metal Additive Manufacturing application is process integration.

It all starts with the Design For Additive Manufacturing (DFAM), the cornerstone of our work: ranging from part optimisation to complete redesign, we ensure that every component we create is suitable to be realised using our technologies.

Next comes the actual manufacturing of prototypes and small series production. With our vast experience, we can advise on the best technologies to suit your project, whilst ensuring extremely fast delivery times.

Finally, we offer R&D and consulting services such as the characterisation of new materials, the development of new processes and applications, the research and testing of innovative technologies.

Design For Additive Manufacturing

Our DFAM service consists of fine-tuning your 3D models, enabling all the benefits of additive manufacturing.


No matter whether we apply Additive Manufacturing or CNC machining: we are committed to rapid prototyping and small-batch manufacturing.

R&D - Consulting

Complex projects require advanced skills. We are experts in new materials and new applications development.