Our CNC machining facilities are functional for both rapid prototyping and the manufacturing of definitive parts in small series.

CNC Machining

Additive Manufacturing and CNC Machining are not competing, but both are complementary technologies. If integrated in an efficient way, each achieves benefits from the other.

Tolerances achievable by additive manufacturing are excellent if compared to traditional castings, but are mostly not sufficient in case of surfaces and features requiring tolerances closer than 0.1mm.

Machining of mating interfaces, surfaces, threads as well as extra support structures are likely to be required to ensure dimensional accuracy of the finished part. To achieve tight tolerances, the 3D printed part can be quickly finished by CNC machining, removing just a light material allowance. Clamping fixtures, useful for blocking the component into the CNC machining centre, can now be integrated into the CAD model, avoiding the production of machining equipment. 

If you require a component that is not suitable for 3D printing, thanks to our 5axis CNC machining centres, we can easily fulfil your requirement by machining that part from a solid block.


Additive Manufacturing

Our 3D printers covert CAD data into definitive components with excellent resolution and quality, assuring high performance, reliability and repeatability.


Media blasting, shot peening, tumbling, isotropic superfinishing, electropolishing are finishing processes we apply to improve both functional and aesthetic surface roughness.